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Eti osa local government was initially established by a decree promulgated on may 17th, 1989 and subsequently inaugurated on the 1st of june,1989. It was excised from the defunct lagos island. The old Eti Osa local government comprises of urban dwellers in Apapa, Victoria Island, Ikoyi as well as riverine communities of Ikate, Ajiran, Ajah, Okun Mopo, Ogombo, Langbasa and Sangotedo among others.

First administered by chief EGO beecroft and thereafter by Mr.M.O.A Kosoko as sole administrator from the lagos state civil service, who later transformed to become the chairman of the five-member caretaker committee that directed the affairs of the council till January 1st, 1991.

Engr. Murphy Adetoro was elected as the 1st executive chairman of the local government under the platform of S.D.P. and was sworn on the 4th of jan, 1991 under Military rule.from then on,notable leaders have steered the affairs of the local government embarking on development projects and programmed from Apapa to Sangotedo. In later years,Apapa  local government was carved out of what initially was Eti-osa Local Government.

On 28th October, 2003 what was left of Eti-osa Local government was further sub-divided into four during the creation of additional 37 local council development areas in Lagos state by governor, his excellency,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, thus making Igbo Efon-the headquarters.

The present Eti-osa local government has boundaries to the north and south with lagos lagoon and Atlantic ocean respectively, the eastern border is with Eti-osa East LCDA while it has Iru-victoria Island LCDA  on the west.

The present Eti-osa local government is a wedge shaped tract of sand and swamp bounded on the north by the lagos lagoon and southwards by the open sea (beach). The population of the local government presently stands at about two million and the main occupation of the people in the earlier days was farming and fishing.

The area rich in culture and tradition observed various traditional festivals like Elegba,Ota,Olokun, Egungun,Zangbeto,Oro ,Igunuko,Ogun-Ajobo etc. apart from these rich cultural heritage majority of the inhabitants were Christians and Islamic faithful. There were two prominent kingdom in Eti-osa namely Ikate kingdom and Ajiran kingdom, in this kingdom monarchy were practised to the fulliest were HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi kusenla III was the paramount ruler of Ikateland and HRM oba Tijani Adetunji Akinloye Sateru II being the king

of Ajiranland.

The  kingdoms i.e Ikate and Ajiran have established from time immemorial  overlordship over communities and same still exist till date. Ikate kingdom have communities like Iroko-Awe Ilasan-Orile, Igbokusu,Maiyegun,Gbara,Ologolo,Ilado,Igbo-Olube, Agbadan, Awoyaya, Itedo, Aniyameta, Famuyiwa, Aro, while Olugborogan, Osapa, Agungi, Baruwa, Poroku,

Olugborogan,Ikota,Lafiaji,Okun Alfa, Idado were all under Ajiran kingdom.

To administer there vast kingdom,the kabiyesi were being assisted by traditional and customary chiefs within their respective domains.

 In Ikate, there exist the Odofin,Olowa, Eletu, Olopon,Alawe, Opemoluwa,Olisa and Aro were the traditional white cap chiefs. While the customary chiefs that assisted the Oba Elegushi in the maintenance of traditional worshipping and deities were the Alashe,Ajana,Abore-Osun, Onimole-Elegba, Ope and Alaagba.

 Likewise in Ajiran kingdom the traditional chiefs are as follows;Odofin, Balogun,Olotu,Ajagunna,Oshorun, Ashipa, Aro and the Olisa. The customary chiefs  were Alashe, Akeweje, Otun-Akeweje, Abore and the Ajana.

During the transition period, between October 2003 and February 2004, the local government was ones again administered by a veteran in person of Engr. Murphy Adetoro on appointment as the Executive secretary with Hon. Hakeem balogun as the deputy executive secretary, Hon. Anofiu Elegush as the supervisor for health, Hon. Ganiyu as the supervisor for Agric and Hon. Taiwo Jegede as supervisor for Education. The march 27th 2004 polls saw the emergence of Omoba(ENGR.) Murphy Adetoro as the Executive Chairman

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